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We have been developing a wide range of strategic research areas for more than 60 years, which today enable us to support you in every aspect of your project.

Drawing on our extensive surface treatment expertise, we undertake to provide you with advice and deliver solutions that not only meet your specifications but also include any related requirements you may have (logistics, quality, environment, packaging, etc.)

On May 24th, Electropoli has received the 2022 "special processes" Industrial Performance Award from MBDA.

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This award is sealing 30 years of partnership and recognize our quality of services and high level of operational technical expertise in the field of metal surface treatments.

MBDA is the only European group capable of designing and producing missiles and integrated  missile systems to meet the current and future needs of all three armed forces.

MBDA relies on the expertise of Electro Recherche, the R&D center of ELECTROPOLI, to address its needs in terms of performance, compliance with REACH regulations and environmental protection.

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The Aeronautical sector has selected Electropoli Group for its innovative Zinc Nickel surface treatment offers, replacing Cadmium.

Electropoli Group: New technological advance in aeronautics

Electropoli strengthens its position in the very limited panel of surface treatment suppliers for complex parts such as landing gear by offering innovative cadmium-free and Reach compliant technological alternatives. 

The plant of Isigny le Buat is now distinguished by the recognition of European and American contractors in the aeronautical field.

In January 2023, we obtained the certification of all our special processes: Zinc nickel, electroless nickel, selective electrolysis for very high strength mechanical parts.  

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Electropoli becomes the only qualified supplier in Europe for Zinc Nickel by several producers of landing gear.

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal used in many surface treatments to improve corrosion resistance and extend the life of metal parts.

However, due to its toxicity, its use is increasingly regulated in many countries, including the European Union. This has led Electropoli and its R&D department to look for alternatives to cadmium surface treatment.

Zinc-nickel based cadmium-free metal surface treatments offer excellent corrosion resistance and are often used for metal parts that need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Zinc-nickel is an alloy of zinc and nickel that offers excellent corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity. It is often used for steel, aluminum and magnesium parts. Zinc-nickel coatings are applied by electrodeposition.

Electropoli is committed to the environment by conviction. Our engineers work daily on providing more solutions environmentally friendly and more sober energetically. Thanks to our R&D subsidiaru and to our positioning , we are now working on numerous projects to limit our ecological impact.

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Surface treatments qualified for the Defence industry.

For surface treatments, each specifier tends to develop their own requirements. Industries such as Defence and Aerospace tend to be the most demanding. In fact, Defence and Aerospace contractors cannot risk using subcontractors who cannot provide parts coatings specifically developed for their needs. This is why their subcontractors must meet qualifications.

Electropoli, a specialist in industrial paints, hot-dip galvanising, and chemical and electrolytic treatments, already holds the qualifications imposed by leaders in the Defence industry such as NEXTER, and MBDA. We are ready and able to adapt to your requirements as well.

What is Defence industry qualification?
In addition to the standards with which surface treatment specialists must comply, specifiers– particularly in the Defence and aerospace industries– may require their subcontractors to meet specific requirements to qualify to coat their parts.
This qualification stands as proof that, when a firm like Electropoli wins a contract, they will be able to treat the different parts in strict conformity with specifications.
To obtain this qualification, the subcontractor receives a Technical application file, and performs the required treatment on a series of test parts. If the results strictly conform to the Technical application file, and the Defence contractor is fully satisfied, then the surface treatment specialist is officially qualified for contracts.

Electropoli holds a number of major qualifications, and supports major defence contractors with tailored technical processes, such as powder and cataphoretic coatings.

Electropoli Group has obtained 4 new SAFRAN Zinc Nickel standards for treating metal parts in the aerospace sector.

Thanks to Electro Recherche, its internal R&D center, and its expertise, the Electropoli Group develops surface treatments and new future technologies, including Zinc Nickel as a replacement for Cadmium.

The performance of Zinc Nickel coatings is mostly equivalent to that of Cadmium, or even superior if we consider its resistance to corrosion in Salt Spray Test, its low susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement, as well as its lower environmental and health footprint.
This process makes it possible to do without the hexavalent passivation step and to anticipate the near arrival of the ban on Cadmium. In September 2024, according to the REACH regulation, the use of Chromium VI will be prohibited, and Zinc Nickel will then offer an innovative technological alternative.
Among these 4 new standards, 2 apply to the entire SAFRAN group (Pr1130 and Pr1131 standards). They allow for treating fasteners and mechanical parts in Zinc Nickel for the civil or military aerospace market. Electropoli now has a total of 7 Zinc Nickel qualifications at SAFRAN and 9 in total, including electrophoresis and painting.
Electropoli is a major player in surface treatment that aims for industrial excellence, energy performance, and environmental respect to satisfy its customers even more.

Let's turn this constraint into an opportunity!
So, Cadmium or not Cadmium?

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