Chemical Coatings

Electropoli also offers a range of high-performance chemical treatments!
The service center in Isigny le Buat, France is equipped with a Chemical Nickel line (medium and high phosphorus). The parts are immersed in a solution containing nickel and a nickel reducing salt. The reaction of the deposit occurs at 90°.
The layer created by this chemical nickel coating improves the part in terms of hardness, resistance to wear, friction, abrasion, corrosion, etc.
The results of the chemical nickel coating allow an almost perfect distribution of the deposit, creating consistent technical properties on the entire part.
Chemical conversion treatments are also available: our Phosphatation line converts the exterior of the part and improves the resistance to temporary corrosion (as the coating is dry or oiled). Depending on the applied specifications, the adapted phosphating undercoats can also strengthen the paint coatings.