Research and Development

recherche developpement electropoliElectro-Recherche, a subsidiary of the CIR (French Research Tax Credit) accredited Electropoli Group, is an R&D center for surface treatments.
Its team of engineers develops and implements state-of-the-art technologies for various sectors (automotive, aeronautics, defense, etc.).
Industrial excellence, energy performance and respect for the environment are the main innovation focuses for our collaborative projects.
The testing laboratory, pilot lines and material expertise center ensure the quality of your development programs.

Our company offers expertise in a wide variety of services, allowing us to offer complete services from design to the realisation of your most advanced projects:
Electrolytic coatings, phase transfer coatings, chemical coatings, research, technology monitoring, regulatory monitoring (REACH), industrialisation (internal, external), expertise (materials, corrosion, etc.), process audit and monitoring, continuing surface treatment training, chemical formulator and applicator, project management, technology licensing, etc.

The Research and Development Center is equipped with modern and efficient equipment: a chemical laboratory, a corrosion test laboratory (BS, CASS test, ECC1, Kesternich, Corrodkote, natural exposure), physical measurement laboratories, pilot stations, coating expertise, meb, edax, X-ray fluorescence, analytical expertise, ICP, volumetry, etc., receiving ptp exova certification in 2015
Our services are broken down into 10 steps:
1.    Identifying your need
2.    Discussing and specifying the goal
3.    Drafting specifications
4.    Collecting data (research, brainstorming)
5.    Writing the research plan (milestones, schedule)
6.    Implementing the laboratory phase
7.    Implementing the pilot phase
8.    Optimisation
9.    Industrial deployment
10.  Start-up assistance

Development partnerships:

Recent electro-research developments:
➢    A new technology of black acid nickel zinc called “Dark Zeltec” for brakes that combines the aesthetics of open rims with anti-corrosion protection (SB:, RR:)
➢    A new coating technology (ZELTIUM +) for headrests that resembles chrome

Aeronautics & Defense
➢    An alloy galvanising process (Zinc Nickel alkaline) combined with a trivalent passivation to comply with new environmental regulations (REACH: hexavalent chrome shutdown and cadmium substitution).

➢    In the context of sustainable development, in collaboration with Oil & Gas partners, a new technology called "Zeltalloy" has improved the friction criteria and prevent polluting greases from entering the marine environment.

Other technologies and industries
Our research programs have brought industrial solutions to our customers through cobalt-free passivation, coatings without Cr6 (hard chrome), without Bore, etc.

Solutions of nanoparticles, sol-gels and composite coatings are being studied through increasingly innovative and efficient technologies for all types of industry, from watchmaking to handling equipment!