ADS - Aeronautics, Defense, Spatial


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Building on our presence in a wide range of industrial sectors, our ambition is to become a major player in the electric mobility and ADS markets. 

We have extensive production and rapid industrialisation capabilities


• Zinc nickel/iron plating
• Electroless nickel (mid and high P)
• Electroless Nickel PTFE
• Surtec 650
• Alodine 160
• Electrophoresis Paint
• Phosphatation
• Liquid paint coating
• Hot dip Galvanizing

Our technical strengths

• 70 years of expertise
• An R&D centre to master today's innovative and unique technologies
• A wide range of treatments and plants to ensure the best possible support and service for our customers


• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• Isigny-le-Buat : EN 9100
• 2024/2025 Nadcap targeted for ZnNi + painting processes 

  • Developments
    High grade zinc iron
    Trivalent hard chromium
    Tin Zinc
    Press-fit assembly of parts

  • Further services
    Sand Blasting
    Stress relieve / deimbritlement
    Selective masking
    Selective plating (DALIC)

  • On going investments
  • ____
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Control & production facilities



Multifunctionnal plating line                                                                                                                

For various substrates
(Electroless Nickel, PTFE,
Surtec 650)
+ new developments



Dedicated Zn/Ni plating line

Selective Zn/Ni plating (DALIC)


Liquid paint line

AMS2750 defragilisation oven

Download here the ADS qualifications