Customised metal surface treatments for all your parts

Electropoli offers the best variety of metal surface treatments in Europe, including surface cleaning, electrolytic metal treatment, chemical treatment, industrial painting, and hot dip galvanising. We meet the needs of construction managers, OEMs and metal parts manufacturers regardless of production location and volume. Do you need efficient metal treatment services? We will determine the best processes to protect your metal parts!

A surface treatment that’s adapted to your parts and needs

Different parts require different treatments depending on the material of construction (steel, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.) and use. This is why Electropli offers a variety of customised treatment options that will be suitable for all your parts. We also offer “Duplex” treatments that combine different treatments together (example: electrolytic zinc + cataphoresis, etc.) We will determine the best process by taking into consideration your priorities and certain details about the part:

  • - Corrosion resistance of the substrate
  • - Appearance and aesthetics
  • - Mechanical properties

With our vast industry experience, we are able to offer protective treatments on both small and large series of metal parts as well as provide specific services that are tailored to your requirements.

The best expertise in metal surface treatments

Our metal surface treatments comply with all current standards and regulations. By offering industrial expertise, international presence, and modern equipment, Electropoli offers customised solutions to ensure the success of all your projects. With Electropoli’s Electro-Research (R&D) center, our skilled, experienced, and dedicated teams are able to stay up-to-date on new developments and integrate innovative techniques.

Different surface treatments for metal surfaces 

There are many different metal treatment processes. We will determine the best suited option depending to metal used to make the part, its utility, its mechanical properties, and the intended purpose.

Electrolytic treatment

Electrolytic treatment of metal consists of adding a deposit by passing a currant in a solution that contains an electrolyte (ex: electrolytic zinc plating on a steel, cast iron, or stainless steel substrate). This process protects the parts against corrosion while also giving a beautiful consistent colour. The different electrolytic coatings can result in a glossy black, grey, or blue appearance.

Hot dip galvanising

Hot dip galvanising consists of immersing the substrate in a bath of molten zinc.The goal is to coat the part with a layer of zinc that will, by chemical reaction, protect it against corrosion.Hot dip galvanising is especially recommended for steel or cast iron substrates.

Liquid, powder, or cataphoresis industrial paint

Electropoli also offers paint surface treatments. Once the parts are prepared, we offer several different industrial painting techniques :

  • Powder paint spraying (or electrostatic powder coating) has the advantage of adapting to many substrates (steel, cast iron, aluminium or magnesium) and is economical, suitable for multi-colour treatment, and very durable
  • Liquid paint (or liquid electrostatic paint) treatments are available in a large variety of colours and gives a very refined finish.
  • Cataphoresis painting consists of a cationic electroplating of the substrate for a uniform and consistent application and guarantees that the part will be completely protected against corrosion.

Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment consists of immersing the part in a metal-based solution to uniformly deposit the metal on the part (ex: chemical nickel). Chemical treatment gives the substrate a coating that improves its mechanical properties and provides corrosion resistance.This treatment is especially recommended for parts made of steel, brass,, aluminium, etc.

There are many different metal treatment methods. What’s most important is determining the most suitable process for the every part. This is why Electropoli will support you throughout the entire process, from preparing the substrate to its final treatment.

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