Treatments of metals

Electropoli offers a unique variety of coatings in Europe to meet your needs, regardless of your production location.
We offer "Duplex" coatings by combining specific coatings (Ex: Electrolytic Zinc Coating + Cataphoretic Coating) to improve the corrosion resistance, appearance, and/or mechanical properties of your production items.
With our extensive experience, we offer protective coatings for both small and large series and can provide customised services for your needs. 

Electropoli, the expert in surface treatments

Our coatings comply with all current standards and regulations. Electropoli's expertise, international presence and modern equipment enable us to fulfil the requirements for any project. By consistently developing and seeking innovative techniques through our Electro-Research (R&D) center, Electropoli’s dedicated team has the necessary expertise, skills, and experience to fulfil your project.

Download the list of our coatings. Please contact us if you have any questions!