Electropoli is committed to the environment by conviction.


Environmental protection is a crucial aspect of our organizational culture, with the care for the environment standing as a primary objective for Electropoli. We are committed to consistently preserving biodiversity, natural resources, and maintaining high environmental quality to foster sustainable development and well-being for both present and future generations.


Over the years, Electropoli has proactively taken measures to systematically minimize our organization's impact on the environment. This commitment is demonstrated through the adoption of modern monitoring methods and the integration of new environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Importantly, our aspirations and development plans are designed to align harmoniously with the natural ecosystem's delicate balance.

Our dedication is evident in our efforts to raise awareness about the imperative need to reduce the consumption of raw materials and natural resources, encompassing water, energy, fuel, and paper. This awareness is instrumental in enabling us to address these issues effectively and responsibly, ensuring a sustainable approach to our operations.

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Energy efficiency

Our commitment to energy efficiency is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. We are actively working towards reducing electricity and gas consumption through the development of rational, efficient, and optimal management of our technological processes. By implementing these measures, we aim to enhance our overall operational efficiency while minimizing our energy-related environmental impact.

Climate protection

In alignment with global climate goals, Electropoli is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, with the ultimate goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2046. Our actions include the implementation of low-emission strategies that complement our efficiency projects. These initiatives represent a significant step towards minimizing our contribution to climate change.

 Zero pollution ambition

To contribute to a cleaner environment, Electropoli is committed to the sustainable use of chemicals and the development of new technologies and innovative surface treatment solutions. These efforts are geared towards minimizing our environmental impact. Additionally, we are actively engaged in the prevention and reduction of water, air, and soil pollution, reflecting our dedication to a zero-pollution future.

Circular economy

Embracing the principles of a circular economy, Electropoli is optimizing waste management practices. This includes adhering to the waste hierarchy, promoting recycling, encouraging reuse, and investing in waste heat recovery solutions. Furthermore, we are spearheading initiatives to save water through innovative business models, emission reduction strategies, and climate-neutral    production processes. These actions underscore our commitment to responsible resource management and sustainable production practices.

By focusing on energy efficiency, climate protection, zero pollution ambition, and embracing the principles of a circular economy, we are actively working towards a greener future. Our efforts reflect our responsibility as an industry leader to contribute positively to the environment and inspire similar commitments across the business landscape. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient world.