Metal treatments services

ServicesElectropoli offers a variety of unique services in its field of activity to meet the needs of our customers and contractors. We adapt to your needs and offer a variety of complementary services:

Laboratory and Expertise :

We offer our customers a full range of professional tests based on international standards. We carry out tests such as salt fog, ECC1, CASS-TEST, SDL, MEB, CORRODKOTE, and KESTERNICH. We also have a natural corrosion center located by the sea.

Plastic coatings :

We apply mastic coatings (PVC) to improve the tightness of seals for bodywork and sheet joints. Coatings are applied using professional equipment.

Stripping :

We offer our customers the possibility to use a state-of-the-art fluidised bed reactor for fast and safe cleaning of certain coatings.

Logistics :

EDI, VDA, KANBAN, supply chain, just in time, direct delivery to customers and/or your customers, customised solutions for packaging, wrapping and labelling (Galia, VDA), etc.


Additional Services :

Degassing, sandblasting, shootblasting, dry cleaning, waxing, stone impact protection, tooling, plastification, masking, installation savings, fitting, tribofinishing, calibration, robotic assembly, riveting, checks, etc.