Cataphoresis treatment

Cataphoresis treatment to effectively prevent corrosion

Cataphoresis treatment prevents corrosion of industrial metal parts. What is cataphoresis treatment? What are the benefits for industrial parts made withdifferent metal substrates? Electropoli, a specialist in surface treatments, will explain everything!

Cataphoresis treatment: what is it?

Cataphoresis, also called electrophoresis deposition(cationic electrophoresis), is a surface treatment that consists of electrochemically depositing an epoxy-type coating on a metal part (steel, cast iron, aluminium, magnesium, etc.) This industrial painting technique is widely used in the automotive industry as well as industires involving heavy-duty machinery, motorcycles, aircrafts, energy, and weapons. This anti-corrosion treatment is also one of the most suitable for steel, aluminium, magnesium, or cast/wrought iron products.

The speration of ions during electrophoresis allows the cataphoresis paint to be uniformly deposited over the entire surface of the part, which fully protects it from corrosion.

To carry out a cataphoresis treatment, the part is immersed in a water-soluble paint bath where it isispolarised (by a cathode) via an electric current. This allows the paint particules that are suspended in the bath to migrateand deposit on the part. This process guarantees that the cataphoresis paint is uniformly deposited on almost the entirety of the submerged part.

Preparation of the part for cataphoresis treatment

The preparation of a part before cataphoresis painting is as important as the treatment itself. Depending on the base material, the parts may undergo severalstages of preparation (degreasing, rinsing, stripping, phosphating, etc.) before the paint is actually deposited. Once this step has been completed, the parts can go through the paint bath and receive the cationic electroplating. At the end of the process, the parts are rinsed again, then firedgenerally between 180 and 200°C topolymerise and fix the deposit.. Thislaststep createsan inert organic layeron the part. The chemical passivity of this layer makesthe partresistant to corrosion.

Advantages of cataphoresis treatment

Cataphoresis painting first and foremost protects the parts against corrosion, but there are also other advantages to this treatment:

  • - The the entire surface of the treated parts are protected: hollow areas, concealed areas, sharp edges, etc.
  • - The treatment, a 10-40 micrometer layer of paint, is applied evenly over the entire part.
  • - The black cataphoresis paint also has aesthetic benefits, as it gives the part a beautiful uniform glossy appearance.
  • - It is an eco-friendly treatment, since it requires the use of very few chemicals.

Are you convinced of the benefits of cataphoresis treatment? You want to guarantee that your parts are effectively protected against corrosion. Parts made of steel, cast iron, aluminium, magnesium, etc. Electropoli has cataphoresis treatment service centres located in Saumur (Fr), Nowa Sól or Bielsko-Biala (Pl) and Tremosnice (Cz).

Electropoli also provides you with other surface treatment services, including electrolytic treatments, chemical treatments andhot-dip galivanising.Regardless of the industry - automotives, motorcycles, HGVs, aeronautics, weaponry, etc. - we can set up customised surface treatment processes for all your parts.Contact us now!