The Aeronautical sector has selected Electropoli Group for its innovative Zinc Nickel surface treatment offers, replacing Cadmium.

Electropoli Group: New technological advance in aeronautics

Electropoli strengthens its position in the very limited panel of surface treatment suppliers for complex parts such as landing gear by offering innovative cadmium-free and Reach compliant technological alternatives. 

The plant of Isigny le Buat is now distinguished by the recognition of European and American contractors in the aeronautical field.

In January 2023, we obtained the certification of all our special processes: Zinc nickel, electroless nickel, selective electrolysis for very high strength mechanical parts.  

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Electropoli becomes the only qualified supplier in Europe for Zinc Nickel by several producers of landing gear.

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal used in many surface treatments to improve corrosion resistance and extend the life of metal parts.

However, due to its toxicity, its use is increasingly regulated in many countries, including the European Union. This has led Electropoli and its R&D department to look for alternatives to cadmium surface treatment.

Zinc-nickel based cadmium-free metal surface treatments offer excellent corrosion resistance and are often used for metal parts that need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Zinc-nickel is an alloy of zinc and nickel that offers excellent corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity. It is often used for steel, aluminum and magnesium parts. Zinc-nickel coatings are applied by electrodeposition.

Electropoli is committed to the environment by conviction. Our engineers work daily on providing more solutions environmentally friendly and more sober energetically. Thanks to our R&D subsidiaru and to our positioning , we are now working on numerous projects to limit our ecological impact.

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