Electropoli Group has obtained 4 new SAFRAN Zinc Nickel standards for treating metal parts in the aerospace sector.

Thanks to Electro Recherche, its internal R&D center, and its expertise, the Electropoli Group develops surface treatments and new future technologies, including Zinc Nickel as a replacement for Cadmium.

The performance of Zinc Nickel coatings is mostly equivalent to that of Cadmium, or even superior if we consider its resistance to corrosion in Salt Spray Test, its low susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement, as well as its lower environmental and health footprint.
This process makes it possible to do without the hexavalent passivation step and to anticipate the near arrival of the ban on Cadmium. In September 2024, according to the REACH regulation, the use of Chromium VI will be prohibited, and Zinc Nickel will then offer an innovative technological alternative.
Among these 4 new standards, 2 apply to the entire SAFRAN group (Pr1130 and Pr1131 standards). They allow for treating fasteners and mechanical parts in Zinc Nickel for the civil or military aerospace market. Electropoli now has a total of 7 Zinc Nickel qualifications at SAFRAN and 9 in total, including electrophoresis and painting.
Electropoli is a major player in surface treatment that aims for industrial excellence, energy performance, and environmental respect to satisfy its customers even more.

Let's turn this constraint into an opportunity!
So, Cadmium or not Cadmium?

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