Surface treatments qualified for the Defence industry.

For surface treatments, each specifier tends to develop their own requirements. Industries such as Defence and Aerospace tend to be the most demanding. In fact, Defence and Aerospace contractors cannot risk using subcontractors who cannot provide parts coatings specifically developed for their needs. This is why their subcontractors must meet qualifications.

Electropoli, a specialist in industrial paints, hot-dip galvanising, and chemical and electrolytic treatments, already holds the qualifications imposed by leaders in the Defence industry such as NEXTER, and MBDA. We are ready and able to adapt to your requirements as well.

What is Defence industry qualification?
In addition to the standards with which surface treatment specialists must comply, specifiers– particularly in the Defence and aerospace industries– may require their subcontractors to meet specific requirements to qualify to coat their parts.
This qualification stands as proof that, when a firm like Electropoli wins a contract, they will be able to treat the different parts in strict conformity with specifications.
To obtain this qualification, the subcontractor receives a Technical application file, and performs the required treatment on a series of test parts. If the results strictly conform to the Technical application file, and the Defence contractor is fully satisfied, then the surface treatment specialist is officially qualified for contracts.

Electropoli holds a number of major qualifications, and supports major defence contractors with tailored technical processes, such as powder and cataphoretic coatings.