Spot zinc nickel protection / Pad application

Spot zinc nickel protection applied with a pad Electropoli, the specialist in metal surface treatment, serves the Automotive, Aerospace and Defence industries, with spot coating for damaged, bulky or technical parts, using a pad. What is pad application? When should it be used? Explanations!

Purpose of spot pad application.

Certain industrial parts cannot be coated using standard electrolytic processes. This is the case, for example, with parts that cannot be fully emerged in an electrolytic bath because they are too bulky, or too heavy, and cannot be removed; or parts where only a small area needs to be protected. This method is also suitable for damaged parts that cannot be removed. Electropoli gives you a solution for coating such parts, with properties comparable to those you would get with dip treatment. The process consists in spot application of a metal electrolytic deposit (e.g. zinc, nickel, copper, zinc nickel) using a pad. Good to know: this process is effective for a new coating or a repair. Also, before starting pad application, the part or area to be repaired must first be cleaned and degreased.

How does pad application work?

The process consists in soaking a pad with an electrolytic solution containing metal particles to be deposited on the substrate. The pad constitutes the anode, and the part to be treated the cathode. A current is sent through the pad, causing the metal particles to migrate from the anode to the cathode, resulting in even coating. As with an Electropoli electrolytic bath, pad application has the following advantages:

  • perfect against corrosion
  • higher resistance
  • better mechanical properties
  • beautiful finishes

Electrolytic treatments, industrial paints, hot-dip galvanisation... Whatever your substrate, objective, or volume, Electropoli is by your side, with the right surface treatment for your needs.