Qualification for special processes for cataphoretic coating on magnesium

To meet the needs of the armament industry, Electropoli has developed a special process qualification AQPS_M_2015_106_00 for its cataphoretic treatment technique on magnesium. This treatment by electrophoresis, specific to our group, is performed at our site in Saumur in the Pays de la Loire.

What is cataphoresis on magnesium?
Cataphoresis is an industrial technique that involves depositing an electroplated paint on a metal substrate, thereby providing it with durable and complete protection against corrosion. It involves immersing the cathode-coated substrate in a water-soluble paint and then applying an electric current to it in order to cause the particles of paint in suspension to migrate uniformly on to the substrate: this paint is then cured by firing in order to obtain the final and functional coating.

A special process dedicated to cataphoresis treatment on magnesium
Although cataphoresis treatment is widespread for steel, cast iron or aluminium substrates, it is applied much more rarely to magnesium parts. Quite simply, because magnesium is a very difficult metal to coat. For that reason, Electropoli had to implement the special process AQPS_M_2015_106_00 in order to guarantee the conformity of this surface treatment technique for its customer that manufactures special boxes for the armament industry.

This success is proof that Electropoli is able to guarantee surface treatments on metals that are hard to coat, such as magnesium, but also to be responsive to the specific expectations of its customers.

You need to prepare metal parts for the automotive, aeronautical and armament industries… Whether it's industrial paints or electrolytic treatments, Electropoli will be able to put together a tailor-made solution for treating your substrates, regardless of their composition.