Discover our different industrial painting techniques

Electropoli, specialist in surface treatments of metals and industrial paints, meets the needs of professionals in the automotive, armament, aeronautical sectors... Depending on the constraints, the type of part or the volume to be treated, we are able to offer you a range of perfectly adapted industrial painting techniques.

Painting by electrolysis in order to protect metals (cataphoretic coating)
Electropoli firstly stands out thanks to its Europe-wide geographical offer of electrolysis painting, which enables it to be as close as possible to its customers.These processes serve to permanently protect all metal substrates while ensuring that metal parts have very good properties against corrosion, a better appearance, etc.

Surface treatment via liquid or powder paint
In addition to electrolytic treatments, Electropoli is able to use more "classical" painting techniques, for any type of industrial part.

Liquid paint: aesthetics and neat finishes
The first possibility is a treatment with liquid paint. This most aesthetic technique offers a great freedom of choice in terms of colours and finishes, especially if one opts for an electrostatic liquid paint. In addition to offering high-performance, it also guarantees additional protection against corrosion.

  • Powder paint: economical and ecological
    The use of powder paint, also called electrostatic powder coating, is extremely worthwhile when it comes to coating steel, cast iron, aluminium or even magnesium in the automotive, heavy-duty, motorcycle, aeronautical, armament and other industries.
    This painting technique has many advantages:
    - It’s ecological given the absence of any solvents, heavy metals, etc.
    - It’s economical, because it can be applied automatically via electrostatic spray guns
    - Once applied and polymerized, it's resistant to bad weather, blows, corrosion...

Painting by electrolysis, liquid, powder… There are many processes for coating metal substrates in an aesthetic manner, while improving their properties.

Whatever the type of metal part that you wish to paint, its volume, and your objectives, Electropoli can provide you with the best industrial paint solution.