Electropoli’s patented hot dip galvanising

Hot dip galvanising is one of the many metal surface treatments developed by Electropoli. Electropoli’s exclusive technique – patent No. EP1793009A1 – provides long-lasting protection for steel substrates. What are the features of this hot-dip galvanising process? What are the advantages? Explanation!

What is hot-dip galvanising?
Hot-dip galvanising is a surface treatment that durably protects steel substrates via a chemical reaction. First, the steel parts are degreased and stripped. Next, they are dipped into a galvanic bath of molten zinc at 450°C.
After this treatment, the parts are evenly protected, inside and out. The advantage of hot-dip galvanising is that it produces a chemical reaction which makes the parts ultra-corrosion-resistant.

The advantages of Electropoli’s exclusive hot dip galvanising process– patent No. EP1793009A1
Electropoli uses a unique low-thickness galvanising method called GFE® – patent No. EP1793009A1. This hot-dip galvanising technique, specially developed by our teams, consists in applying a coat of zinc with a mean thickness of 50 to 60 µm.
The GFE® method produces galvanised steel parts:

  • - with a perfectly even finish
    - with greater hardness
    - that are extremely corrosion-resistant
    - that can be handled with no risk of scratching

Use the best hot-dip galvanising treatment for steel substrates. The GFE® method is right for all industries. Whatever your volumes, Electropoli will establish the best protocol to protect your parts using GFE®.