Zinc nickel surface treatment for an outstanding finish

Electropoli, the surface treatment specialist, supplies manufacturers in the automotive, military and aerospace industries a range of solutions to improve the strength, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and finish of metal parts. One of our top solutions is zinc nickel treatment. This is a highly effective electroplating process which enhances the properties of metal substrates, and produces a high-quality finish.

What is zinc nickel electroplating?
Zinc nickel surface treatment is an electrolytic coating applied mainly to steel substrates, and to a lesser extent, to cast iron and stainless steel (Zeltec 2.4). The process consists in dipping the substrates into an aqueous solution, which may be either be acidic or alkaline, containing zinc and nickel particles. An electric current is then passed through this solution. The current causes a physicochemical reaction, covering the substrates evenly with zinc nickel coating.

Properties of zinc nickel treatment
Electropoli offers a full range of zinc nickel electroplating treatments, including ZELTEC 2.4, ZELTEC 2.0, ZELTEC 2.1, and DIPSOL IZ -C17+. These products ensure outstanding corrosion protection of all substrates. Mechanical properties and robustness may vary depending on the treatment.
This also applies to the finish, which may vary according to requirements. The treated metal parts will have a great colourless, black, blue or grey finish. Whichever treatment you chose, the result well be a clean, perfectly even finish.
Need to treat a high volume of steel parts for the automotive, lorry or aerospace industries? With Electropoli, you have the metal surface treatment specialist by your side.