SurTec 650: safe chemical conversion coating, based on chromium III

In the past, Chromium-VI was commonly used in surface treatments for aluminium substrates. However the EU REACH regulation of January 2019, prohibits Chromium VI compounds. Hexavalent chromium, or chromium VI, widely used in the aeronautical, automotive, and defence industries, is now considered a substance that is carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR). That is why it must disappear in these industries. Fortunately, these industries have a highly effective alternative, SurTec 650, based on chromium III.

What is SurTec 650 surface treatment?

To replace chromium VI products, Electropoli uses SurTec 650 surface treatment, based on chromium III, and on other non-CMR metal nanoparticles. Hexavalent chromium-free chromium SurTec 650 chemical conversion treatment is a safe and comparably effective product. It is not considered a CMR substance.
To perform SurTec 650 chemical conversion, the parts are first cleaned and deoxidised, and then immersed in an aqueous solution containing a small quantity of chromium III, and nanoparticles of other metals. Finally, the substrates are rinsed in demineralised water, and dried.

SurTec 650: which applications?

SurTec 650 is ideal for surface treatment of aluminium substrates. It passivates aluminium, and is an effective primer for bonding liquid or powder chemical paint. SurTec 650 enables the paint to adhere better, and also enhances the properties of the aluminium substrates. Simply put, SurTec 650 provides–

  • • better corrosion resistance
    • better electrical conductivity
    • higher resistance.

Use SurTec 650 to prepare aeronautical, automotive, or defence industry parts for liquid or powder paint. Whatever your requirements in terms of volume and logistics, Electropoli is ready to perform the SurTec 650 chemical conversion of your substrates.

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