Electropoli surface treatments: less polluting coatings in aeronautics

Electropoli specializes in surface treatments for aeronautics and armaments. Electropoli handles all types of steel industrial parts for the aeronautics sector so that they meet the requirements in terms of resistance, as well as anti-pollution standards. An advantage for parts manufacturers and aeronautics companies themselves to obtain less polluting coatings in order to be in compliance with current and future standards.

Replacing polluting coatings in aeronautics

While traditionally parts in the aeronautics industry have been treated with cadmium, this rare metal has turned out to be toxic, in large quantities, for human beings. Many European directives have addressed this issue to regulate surface treatments using cadmium in aeronautics, as well as in other industries (automobiles, home appliances, electronics, etc.).

Electrolytic treatment by alkaline nickel zinc coating

It is therefore essential that industrialists find an alternative to cadmium that meets the European requirements, and this could be electrolytic treatment by alkaline nickel zinc coating.
This technique involves plunging substrates into an aqueous solution with basic pH (alkaline) containing zinc and nickel particles. Then a voltage is applied in this solution for a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the zinc and nickel on the treated part.

The advantages of alkaline zinc nickel treatment

The various alkaline zinc nickel treatments on steel substrates applied by Electropoli offer the advantage of having been approved for the aeronautics sector for steel parts with the following mechanical strength characteristics:

  • • Up to 1000 Megapascals.
    • Up to 1500 Megapascals
    • Even exceeding 1500 Megapascals

You want to use electrolytic treatment with zinc nickel in an alkaline medium for parts intended for the aeronautics industry? Whatever the volume to be treated and the logistics to be implemented for the shipping of the parts, Electropoli will find the best protocol and guarantee a surface treatment for your substrates which is less polluting.

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