Painted car and motorcycle brake calipers

Surface treatment and industrial painting specialist Electropoli assists industries in the automotive sector, including the heavy transport and motorcycle segments, in protecting and showcasing their precision mechanics. We help assembly plant managers, equipment providers, and parts makers implement optimum protocols for protecting and enhancing industrial quantities of brake calipers for cars, motorcycles, and heavy transport vehicles.

Industrial painting of car brake calipers 

Certain car models deliberately leave their brake calipers visible though the wheel spokes. It’s common nowadays for the big names in car making to want to enhance the look of their cars by painting the brake parts in a colour (red, yellow, green, etc.) that contrasts with the bodywork. Other vehicle makers go for a more low-key look using darker shades, still with the requirement of affording excellent protection to the brake caliper. Offering models with their brake calipers painted in eye-catching colours is also a great way of showcasing the maker’s precision mechanics while protecting the parts. It’s a statement that’s not lost on car and motorbike lovers.

Different kinds of paint coating for brake calipers 

There are several techniques that can be used for painting brake calipers. The choice of technique depends on the type of metal used in the caliper and the properties it needs to acquire. Whatever the case, the all-important first step is to apply a high-performance surface treatment to the base metal to protect it from corrosion and improve its strength, for example by the use of electro-galvanization. Then and only then can the calipers be painted in whatever colour is desired, either with a powder coating or with a liquid electrostatic paint. This decoration can be taken further still with a third stage that embeds the vehicle maker’s logo visibly in the caliper.

Whatever volumes need handling, whatever the logistics, Electropoli implements ideal protocols for the surface treatment and painting of car, motorcycle, and heavy transport vehicle brake parts.